What We Believe

The following core philosophies, principles and beliefs are furnished to provide a glimpse into our identity and culture, as well as hopefully differentiate us from the pack.

"If we consistently deliver world-class service with integrity, competence and professionalism, then success, prosperity, healthy growth and vitality will be natural by-products for both of our firms."

"For the overwhelming majority of small business owners, both the quantifiable financial benefits and the intangible emotional benefits of enlisting professional tax and accounting help FAR exceeds the cost (real and perceived). Not only does the business owner gain the professional's services and expertise, but, more importantly, the owner has also just purchased several hours per week that can be spent on growing the business, family activities, or personal recreation. Let us handle the mundane administrative paperwork and compliance filings while you pursue those passions that led you to start your business in the first place."

"Sound business practices, competent management and active oversight are all vitally-important components of business success in any market environment or economic cycle. These factors are even more indispensable when government policies and legislative agendas hinder, frustrate, or penalize economic development and achievement."

"We agree with the adage that you can only manage what you measure, as well as it's obvious corollary, You can not adequately manage what you do not measure."