Tax services

Return Preparation and Filing   
We offer income tax return preparation and filing services for all types of individuals, business entities, trusts, estates, and various other types of organizations. We also prepare the full complement of other (non-income) individual and business tax returns. These include payroll tax returns, sales tax returns, gift tax returns, intangible property tax returns, personal property tax returns and assorted privilege license tax filings.

Our investment in and commitment to advanced training, technical expertise, professional experience and continuing education enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare these returns at competitive, affordable rates. Our significant investment in computerized preparation and research software permits us to stay abreast of the ever-changing, ever-expanding tax code and Federal and State tax laws.

Tax Planning
As the tax year draws to a close, the tax situation for an individual or business is essentially fixed. Year-round, proactive tax planning is necessary to achieve optimal financial, operational and tax results. We help our clients craft strategies to maximize value and profitability while minimizing their tax burdens. This type of planning requires a holistic business approach that takes into consideration the legal and regulatory environment, economic and market trends and the entity's relative strategic and operational positioning versus industry and marketplace peers and competitors.