Estate Planning

One of the more rewarding areas of our professional practice is having the privilege of working with individual clients in the area of Estate planning. We work closely with some of the area's top tax and estate attorneys to present clients with a comprehensive overview of the tax-advantaged vehicles and legal entities for the benefit of designated heirs, beneficiaries and future generations. Careful planning, coupled with a firm grasp of this area of the law, helps to ensure that a lifetime of earnings and savings is not inadvertently dispensed of in a manner contrary to the owner's wishes.  

The stakes are now higher than ever in this arena as political rivals wage war over the idealogical debate over who should rightfully have access to your nest egg...your heirs, or the government.

Perhaps you would benefit from comprehensive Estate planning or business succession planning. Maybe you need to discover the role that family trusts, marital trusts, charitable trusts and other such instruments can play in helping you reach your family's goals.

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