There is certainly no shortage of individuals or
firms capable of balancing your books or
preparing your income tax return. Considerably fewer folks, however, possess the requisite skill and acumen to decipher and translate the numbers into meaningful data for you, the business owner.

This is precisely where we at Bedsole Advisors Group, LLC distance ourselves from the crowd.

Sometimes sick people stay that way because the medical professionals misdiagnose their condition and prescribe an inappropriate course of treatment. Absent an accurate diagnosis, whether the symptoms are obvious or hidden, proper health is not likely to be restored. Frustrated business owners will immediately recognize this analogy and its applicability to their financial and operational results.

Let us help you by employing a wide range of consulting services designed to improve business operations, boost efficiency and enhance your bottom line.

        * Choice of Entity selection / Form of legal structure
        * Cash Flow / Receivables / Payables / Liquidity issues

        * Financial Analysis / Forecasts / Projections

        * Benchmarking and Key Performance indicators

        * Industry / Region / Size demographic metrics